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As a policy we do not post photos online and we make every attempt to inform the event visitors at the venue (signs, announcements and program ad). Since we take thousands of photos, loading the photos takes many days and honestly on-line sales do not warrant the time spent.
We also realize that every photography company conducts business in a manner that works for them. I lose approx 90% of business by doing it online. I guess out of sight out of mind and I guess people just forget to order. Whatever the reason it does not work for us. We have tried several times and it has always been the same result.
We pay a commission payment to the club, so yes I want to try to return as big a commission payment to the club by selling on-site only. Based on this we support our decision to not post our photos online. I guess I also don't feel it is fair to the few that asked about online to tell them no online and then do it anyhow.
We realize that not everyone can attend the events. For Figure Skating and Gymnastics it is not too late to purchase a photo CD.
As of Jan. 1, 2013 I no longer have capability of posting the photos online. I will need you to provide more information to help locate the photos of your child. Once I locate them I will email you a few images to verify that I have the right person. Then we can process CC payment for the photo CD.
If you want to view the photos prior to purchasing me and we can make arrangement to meet at next competition I am covering. If you don't contact me I will not always have my harddrive with me that contains the photos.
if there are any questions please contact us at